Hyde's Appearance 

Mr. Hyde's appearance is a symbol for evil.  Whenever someone looked at him they were instantly disgusted at the sight, and believed that there was just something about him that was dissatisfying.  Hyde is given the physical traits of being short, hairy, and grotesque, all traits that are not desirable, and are given negative connotations.  Whenever Hyde is introduced into the story, the connection with evil is shoved into the reader's mind.

Dr. Jekyll's House

Dr. Jekyll's house is a symbol for himself and anyone else.  In the front it looks like a well to do home, that is well kept and for someone of a high social status.  Then the back side of it, which is the rundown laboratory, where Hyde lived, is kept shrouded in mystery.  Even Utterson does not realize that the lab is connected to the house of his friend until over halfway through the story.  This is just like any person.  Putting out the very best for everyone to see, even if it is not who that person really is, and keeping the bad and ugly swept under the rug and hidden.  Everyone has secrets that they keep from people, but even those ugly parts are a part of who the person is.  They are connected just like The house of Henry Jekyll and the laboratory.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are a symbol for the classic battle between good and evil.  Hyde being the evil one constantly beats down upon the soul of Jekyll, trying to get him to give in to temptation.  Jekyll is the classic good guy.  He puts up a fight to the death to try his best not to let the evil win the fight.  L