Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Henry Jekyll is a protagonist character in the novel. Jekyll is a tall handsome man with a successful career.  Dr. Jekyll is in a constant inner struggle the entire story, although this is only evident at the end.  Jekyll is a well respected doctor, who is everything that a man would want to be at this time period.  He is not married, but has many close friends including Mr. Utterson.  He is constantly at war with his evil side, Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde is the antagonist character.  He provides grief and struggle for the protagonist Dr. Jekyll.  At first Hyde is a way for Jekyll to let out the bottled up evil, but when Hyde turns to crime and murder, it is to extreme.  Hyde persistently tries to take over Jekyll, and nearly succeeds.  He is a small, ugly, hairy man, somewhat of the opposite of Henry Jekyll.

Mr. Utterson

Mr. Utterson could be classified as a round character.  He is a succesful lawyer, and longtime friend of Dr. Jekyll.  He cares deeply for Jekyll, and makes it his job to find out what is wrong with him.  He shows concern for his friend, and hatred for the Mr. Hyde, whom he thinks is trying to harm Jekyll.  Utterson makes himself somewhat of a detective to help his dear friend Jekyll throughout the story.